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English Country Photos

This home-owner prefers the casual, collected, time-worn look of the English countryside. And, like most true anglophiles, the house is filled with dogs.





With that in mind, we custom-made slipcovers for the sofas in simple cotton fabrics that can easily be cleaned. Window treatments are minimal and organic, reinforcing the connection to the garden which is paramount to English Country style.



This large antique English pine plate rack was a real find.  It houses a collection of brown transferware from the 1890s.  We paired it with a dark oak Welsh dresser which compliments the color of the plates.  The lamp was made from a nickle-plated samovar.






Here, we intentionally left windows bare to allow light from the ideal southern exposure to flood the space. Instead, we framed the windows with a set of nineteenth century botanicals I found at auction and, added a layer of softness with an English-style Portuguese needlepoint rug.


Most of the fabrics and pictures throughout the home are drawn from the garden, but we intentionally avoided using wallpapers or borders because we felt that additional layer would make the concept feel too contrived. Instead, we used custom paint colors and glazes on walls and furniture to add depth and patina.


An inexpensive piece of voile draped above the bed is just enough to suggest that a princess lives here.


The homeowner's study provides a masculine retreat and showcases his collections. German beer steins, deer antlers and antique swords all combine to create an environment that is warm and textural. We picked the colors for this room from colors that are prominent in his favorite Mettlach steins. The resident told me, “There is tremendous comfort being surrounded by all the things that I love and seeing them integrated in a way that suggests they belong together.” And that’s what I strive for in each and every design.


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